Tips for Planning Your Proposal

Proposals can go so many different ways! Before the wedding planning even begins, you have to plan the proposal. Get creative and use some of these tips!

Location. Finding a sentimental location will make the proposal that much more special. Think about where you had your first date, a special vacation spot, or a place you have talked about going.

Surprise element. Don’t spoil the secret! It may require feeling a little sneaky but having the proposal be a surprise is always worth it! Make sure you don’t keep the ring in an obvious spot or act too out of the ordinary on the way to your proposal location!

Capturing the moment. Having the memory of your proposal is so special. Depending on your location, ask someone you know to be ready to take pictures or video on their phone when you pull out the ring box. Even better, hire a photographer to capture the entire moment!

Tips for Planning Your Proposal

Any way you propose, having your speech prepared is our biggest tip. Know a little bit of what you want to say when you pop the question for that perfect romantic moment you both will never forget!

After the proposal, it’s time to hire your wedding planner! Contact Destiny Events to learn more about how we can help create your dream wedding. Click here to contact!

Tips for Planning Your Proposal

October 28, 2020

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