Going Green: Planning an Earth-Conscious Wedding

The world is changing around us and any impact we have makes a difference! Many couples are seeking out more eco-friendly and Earth-conscious ways to celebrate their wedding day. We have some tips on how you can plan your special day with Mother nature in mind!

Going Green

Being Earth-Conscious only has to take a few considerations. When booking your venue and hotel, look for establishments that are energy efficient or utilize alternate energy such as solar. Skip the gas guzzling limo or bus and choose a venue where you and your guests will be staying on site to avoid extra travel.

Going Green: Planning an Earth-Conscious Wedding

Go Paperless!

Rather than printing save the dates and invitations, save some trees by going paperless and utilizing online invitation tools. A great way to share all of your wedding information is on a wedding website that is free to make on many online platforms.

Versatile Décor

Utilize décor pieces that your guests can take with them! Go for succulents and other potted greenery you can gift to guests rather than florals that get tossed at the end of the night.

Going Green: Planning an Earth-Conscious Wedding

Something Borrowed

The phrase is tradition to weddings for a reason! There’s nothing wrong with borrowing or re-vamping a friend or family member’s décor for your day! For a vintage touch, search in secondhand stores or online marketplaces for previously worn wedding gowns and jewelry rather than purchasing new pieces.


Anything you know you won’t be using again after your wedding day, donate to a consignment shop or friend so it can be reused rather than thrown out.

Making some eco-friendly decisions for your wedding day doesn’t have to be a challenge! Just a few small considerations or changes and you’ll be making a difference to the Earth.

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Going Green: Planning an Earth-Conscious Wedding

December 9, 2020

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