“Uninviting Guests” – How to Cut Your Guest List During Covid-19

Wedding expectations are changing and growing with the latest restrictions and ongoing challenges of COVID-19. We are moving outside, downsizing guest lists, changing up our seating charts, and customizing masks. Whether you had to reschedule or just got engaged, we have tips on cutting down your guest list to adhere to the latest event gathering guidelines.

Rescheduled Wedding

The 2020 wedding season has been the epitome of flexibility. As vendors and venues work together to shift dates and accommodate existing and new bookings, the biggest task for couples will be to re-evaluate their guest list. Many guests from out of town are already understanding and may opt to change their RSVP because of travel restrictions. First, touch base with all your “Yes” RSVPs before making any decisions. Then, consider only closest friends, immediate family, and wedding party as definite invitees and determine your “B-List” as anyone else in case restrictions only allow for very small groups. It’s better to have less than more for your first list just in case.

“Uninviting Guests” - How to Cut Your Guest List During Covid-19

Beginning Planning Stages

Newly engaged? You’re in luck! Without having sent out formal invitations, you have time to take a look at your guest list and consider how far out you’re going to set your date. While we all have our fingers crossed for our 2022 couples to have their traditional guest list, we are loving the new trends of smaller, more intimate weddings! We encourage newly engaged couples to plan for a small wedding and have their full guest list as a back-up as we see how things go into the new year.

What’s Next for Guest Lists?

We have to expect social distancing for the time being. As we covered for either stage of wedding planning, having multiple guest lists for various occupancy restrictions is the way to go. Start off with a guest list of 50, a second of 100, and then a full list (if you plan on a big wedding!) and go from there.

“Uninviting Guests” - How to Cut Your Guest List During Covid-19

Unsure how to plan a wedding during COVID-19? Having a wedding planner to navigate guidelines, consult with venues and vendors, and answer these tough questions will keep you on track. Learn more how we can help plan your perfect wedding. Contact Destiny Events!

“Uninviting Guests” - How to Cut Your Guest List During Covid-19

December 2, 2020

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