COVID-19: How It’s Affecting the Wedding Industry

The wedding industry is on hold. This may be a stressful time if your wedding date is in the upcoming months. We are all working hard to communicate between our clients and vendors to work on plans to postpone wedding services.

Our best advice during this time is to stay positive. This is the best time to seek help from your wedding planner. First, reach out to your venue to discuss moving your wedding to another date. Be flexible. We have to keep in mind what is happening is out of our control and moving wedding plans is just a part of keeping our loved ones safe. You can still celebrate the day together at home and then use this time to work on postponement plans with your vendors. COVID-19 may have paused the wedding industry, but it certainly won’t stop us from creating beautiful events and weddings in the future!

covid-19: how it's affecting the wedding industry

April 1, 2020

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