Importance of a Wedding Timeline

It’s all in the details! As a wedding planner, we are commonly asked how the timeline works. It is very important to have a timeline that covers every detail of your wedding day.

When creating your wedding timeline, your planner will coordinate the arrivals of all your vendors. This communication is vital to guarantee a smooth order of events when it comes time for the show to begin. Weddings with multiple performers or outside vendors will require a more detailed timeline, so everyone knows where to be and when.

For example, coordinating a first look requires the photographer, videographer, and florist to all be in the loop so there is plenty of time before the ceremony. Other details such as the flow of dances, toasts, and cake cutting at the reception are all included on the timeline to maintain quick transitions and keep your guests’ attention. A big part about a great wedding timeline also includes buffer time to account for dress changes, conversations with friends and family, and of course, enjoying every moment!

Without a detailed timeline, vendors can be late or miss details of the wedding day. With everything outlined on a page for them, any questions can be addressed prior to the wedding. You will appreciate knowing you do not have to worry about what is happening next. This will allow you to enjoy each moment without wondering if things are going correctly.

Importance of a wedding timeline

January 22, 2020

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