Tips on Choosing a Wedding Venue

After getting engaged, the first big decision you will want to make is the venue for your wedding. Consider a couple key factors when making this decision.

Location: Think about a venue that will be easy for your guests to travel to. If your ceremony is at your hometown church, your reception venue should be in a close proximity, and near the hotel your guests are staying at, to avoid excess travel between locations.

Guest List: The size of your venue is based on how many guests you are anticipating. Larger venues may cost more but will facilitate more seating. If you are being selective about your guest list, you could opt for a smaller, more intimate venue.

Season/Wedding Date: You may have found your dream venue, but is your date available? If you are flexible on your wedding date, you may be able to get a deal on certain dates they typically do not book. You also want to plan for the weather during the time of year you will be getting married. If it is going to be mid-summer, make sure your venue has air conditioning!

Accommodations: Consider what will be important to you the day of. Is there lodging on site or nearby so you will not have to travel far? Does your venue have a bridal suite to get ready at? Would you prefer a venue that does their own catering, so you don’t have to coordinate an outside vendor? When visiting any venue, vocalize what details will be important to you to make sure they have them.

tips on choosing a wedding venue

January 15, 2020

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