Tips On Booking Your Wedding Vendors

Let’s plan your wedding! This process all starts with selecting and booking your wedding vendors.

Do Your Research

Reading reviews and getting feedback on other couple’s experience with the vendors you are considering is so important. This is why we have a network of vendors we know and trust to refer you to! Always seek out reputable, professional vendors who have been in the industry for a couple years.

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You Pay for What you Get

To go off our last tip… booking a cousin/friend/someone you found randomly via social media will not always yield the best results, even if they are budget friendly. This can lead to poor quality in their work or worse.. not showing up at all.

Feel It Out! Schedule a call or a meeting with your tops vendors to see how you vibe together! It is always important to match your aesthetic and overall attitude of your wedding with. Let us help! Contact us today!

Tips On Booking Your Wedding Vendors

December 8, 2021

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