Wedding Timeline Tips

Your wedding timeline brings the scope of the entire day together. Having a cohesive plan that includes all your vendors is so important to keep everything running smoothly.

Leave room for travel.

Always consider movement when creating your timeline. Whether you are walking from your hotel room to the limo, traveling from your hotel to the venue, or even just navigating your first look photos – every event needs a little extra time for walking, talking, driving, and any obstacles that may get in the way! Leave “buffer room” for any timeline item that doesn’t take place in the same space.

wedding timeline tips

Factor in alone time.

Enjoy your wedding day! Making time for you and your spouse to take a break and enjoy each other’s time in private is so important on your big day. Add in some extra time between the ceremony and reception to go to the bridal suite or find a time after photos to take a quick walk without guests and vendors stealing your attention.

Wedding Timeline Tips

Coordinate with your vendors.

This seems obvious, but it’s the biggest part of your timeline! Making sure all of your vendors are on the same page about the timeline will save so much confusion and stress the day of. For example, you want to make sure if cake cutting is taking place at 7 pm, the caterer knows the bring it out, the DJ knows to announce it, and the photographer and videographer are already in placement.

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Wedding Timeline Tips

June 9, 2021

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