A Toast to The Couples

Asked to make a wedding toast? With all the spotlight on you, writing the perfect toast to the couple can take a lot of thought. We have some tips to craft an amazing toast that will wow the bride, groom, and guests!

Choose a memory or sentimental moment that you share with the couple. Starting off with an anecdote will help ease into the toast.

Find something funny to break the ice. Toasts don’t have to be all serious! Include a funny moment from their relationship that solidifies their bond.

Finish your toast with some words from the heart. Start by jotting down a couple ideas and see what comes together. Researching quotes and inspiration can help, too!

Our biggest tip – don’t wait until the last minute! Get started on writing your toast at least a month ahead of time so you can think it over and make any edits.

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A Toast to The Couples

March 24, 2021

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