8 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme ties together all the details! Choosing a wedding theme doesn’t have to be a challenge. We have some simple tips that will help you decide on your theme.

1. Budget

The biggest factor is going to be your budget. We all love the look of Pinterest pictures but rarely consider the cost of all the décor that makes up just one table! Having a set budget in mind will help you make decisions on what you can purchase.

5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Theme

2. Guest List Size

Of course, how many tables and the number of people you’re inviting to your wedding will have a huge impact on your budget and how much décor you will need!

3. Season

Consider the season you’re getting married in and what the weather and temperature will be when deciding on your theme. Will your wedding be indoors, outdoors, or both?

4. Location

In addition to the time of year, your location plays a big role in your overall theme. Are you having a beachside wedding?

5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Theme

5. Color Palette

Choosing your wedding colors is the fun part! Stick to a few complementary colors that will tie everything together. You can use multiple shades of one color for a dimensional look. We recommend choosing the colors of your wedding party’s dresses/tuxes first, then your flowers, and then linens and accent colors last.

6. Florals

First, find out what types of flowers are in season for your date. Then, consult with your florist on what colors will go best together when designing your centerpieces and bouquets. This will also help you decide on your theme colors!

7. Signage

Good signage ties together the whole wedding! When choosing your invitation suite, find out if the printing service also offers signage and décor for a cohesive look on all your signage. We recommend a welcome sign, signature cocktails sign, guest book and memory table sign, and anywhere else you have something you don’t want your guests to miss!

8. Details

It’s all in the details! As all these elements come together, find ways to add details that show your guests who you are as a couple. Include a customized or personal gift for your guests at each table setting that shows a symbol of your love on your special day.

Choosing your wedding theme doesn’t have to take any over thinking! Talk with your partner about their wedding vision and it will come together with just a couple of details. If you’re unsure where to begin, consult your wedding planner and create a vision board!

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8 tips to choose the perfect wedding theme

January 6, 2021

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