What is the Difference Between A Micro-Wedding, Minimony, and Elopement


The traditional wedding goes micro! These types of weddings typically have 50 or less guests for the ceremony and reception. The timeline of the wedding and vendors booked are the same as a regular wedding with just fewer attendees. This allows you to be able to spend more time with each guest.

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Think of this like an abridged wedding day. This minimal approach practices social distancing by limiting the guest list to up to ten people. It is more of a commitment ceremony with the option of a small, intimate dinner and cake cutting.


Typically, an elopement just the two of you and a witness for the marriage license. This is the ultimate intimate style of wedding but can still have elements of a wedding. Often, couples will plan their elopement at a destination that is special to them and then start their honeymoon right away. You can still have a cake and photographer or make it completely your own!

destiny events wedding planner

As we break away from wedding norms some of these new styles of wedding may be a better option for you as your plan your big day. There are always ways you can choose to celebrate with friends and family on different occasions if you choose to downsize your wedding. Go with what feels right, it’s your special day!

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What is the difference between Micro-Wedding, Minimony, and Elopement

August 12, 2020

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