Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Your wedding invitation is the first step in announcing your big day. What does etiquette look like as the invite sender and what should you expect as a recipient?

The Big Announcement!

First comes the Save the Date so your guests can pre-plan to be available for your day and know the location. You want to send this out 6 to 8 months before your wedding date and follow up with a formal invitation 8 weeks before the wedding with details.

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What do you include?

Make sure you’re providing everything they need to know: date, time, and location are first, followed by dress code, registry link, lodging information, and any other pertinent details.

Invited as a wedding guest? Return your invitation promptly to help the couple plan their final details accurately with your meal choice and plus one information.

Double check before you send! That advice goes for sending or receiving a wedding invitation. Typos and the wrong information can lead to confusion when the day arrives!

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette

November 18, 2021

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