The Importance of Having Wedding Insurance

As we learned in 2020, anything is possible when it comes to hosting an event. Just like any other insurance, wedding insurance is designed to help save you time and stress if something unexpected gets in the way of your special day.

wedding insurance

How does it work? Make sure you are always reading the fine print. Most policies will cover liability if there is an injury or altercation at your wedding. The value of your wedding is what you want to make sure you discuss with your insurance provider. Choosing a policy that covers cancelation in the case of weather, like a hurricane during a beach wedding, or vendor mishaps, like your photographer not showing up.

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You can add on additional coverages to ensure reimbursement if something goes wrong with your honeymoon, gifts, gown, and more. Make sure you purchase as soon as you have your date and venue decided to be covered from the start!

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The Importance of Having Wedding Insurance

March 3, 2021

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