You’re Engaged, Now What!

Love is definitely not cancelled! In fact, we are seeing so many couples who have endured recent circumstances together that have come out strong than ever. Our social media is being graced with the exciting news of engagements! What are the next steps you should take after becoming engaged?

Set your budget. The best way to start is with a good foundation of funds and where they will be attributed. Account for savings and how much you will be able to set aside monthly. This will help you determine how much you can spend on each vendor.

Prioritize as a couple. Jot down what is most important to you at the wedding separately and then come together. Knowing what you and your partner want to spend the most time and money on will give you a solid starting point.

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Research vendors. Have some fun looking up vendors! Utilize resources such as friends, The Knot, Facebook, and other places where vendors advertise. Have a theme and feeling in mind and search for keywords.

Hire your planner! Having a wedding planner will save you time, stress, and money! It’s a no brainer, right! Your wedding planner is here to help organize all these steps for you. We provide vendor referrals, budget calculation tools, planning checklists, and peace of mind!

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You're Engaged, Now What!

October 7, 2020

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