Unique Guestbook Trends

Get creative with your guestbook! There are so many ways to memorialize your special day besides the traditional wedding guest book that ends up on a shelf. Create a piece of artwork by having a photo of you made into a canvas that your guests can sign, and you can hang up in your home. You can also create a work of art by having a custom wood painted sign with your last name and wedding date to have your guests sign as well. For a more practical approach, couples that enjoy traveling can have their guests sign a piece of sail cloth that can be then framed or made into a tote bag.

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We always love when couples create a customized memory box and have their guests write a warm wish on a piece of paper and drop it in for the newlyweds to read later. The latest trends in a new style of guestbook allow you to see happy thoughts of your wedding every day!

destiny events wedding planner

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destiny events wedding planner

July 29, 2020

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