Common Wedding Concerns (With Simple Solutions!)

Everyone has a couple of wedding concerns in the back of their mind leading up to the big day. What are some of those worries that many brides share?

Dress Code

The night before you may suddenly wake up wondering if someone is going to show up in a white dress or worse…completely casual…this happens! We recommend making a note of your dress code on your invitation. We even carry a couple of shawls on hand to cover up any unruly guests who go against tradition and wear white!

Feuding Family

Speaking of unruly guests…our family can often pose a concern leading up to your wedding day. If you have any guests who you think may need to be separated from one another or cause any problems, delegate someone to run damage control. Weddings can be full of emotions and we know our family best!

Cell Phones

We never like to see a great picture ruined by cell phones in the way. Especially during the ceremony, the last thing you want is an aisle full of phones. To avoid this distraction, make sure you have an announcement before your ceremony begins to encourage guests to keep their phones tucked away and trust the professionals to the recording.

What concerns do you have about your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

June 23, 2020

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