Planning A Destination Wedding

We are all looking forward to being able to travel and take vacations again. Last week, we blogged for all the newly engaged couples who are planning dates in 2021 and 2022 when we are all feeling a little more back to normal. To make these wedding plans memorable, many are looking to destination weddings for a little change on scenery on their special day! We have tips on what to consider when planning a destination wedding.

Planning A Destination Wedding


Of course, your first decision should be where you want to travel to. Is there a location that would make attending easier for your guests? Is there a place you have always dreamed of going? It is totally up to you!


Knowing the requirements to get married in a different country is your next step after choosing the location. Some places may require you to submit paperwork a couple days before or even complete a blood test. Brush up on the requirements where you’re considering before making any final decisions!

Planning A Destination Wedding

Guest List

A huge factor to keep in mind when planning a destination wedding is the cost and travel time needed for your guests. Destination weddings tend to be better with a limited guest list, keeping to close friends and family, to not end up coordinating logistics for a large group of people. Often for destination weddings, they are more like an elopement with a party back home with loved ones.

Are you considering a destination wedding? Where would you have your dream wedding? Let us know in the comment box below!

June 16, 2020

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