Create a Wedding (or Any!) Vision Board

To follow up on our last blog on DIY Wedding Projects, we wanted to share another way we are staying inspired and positive during this pause in coordinating events. Vision boards are a great way to collect your thoughts and form a cohesive idea on what inspires you on a certain topic or event you are planning.

Vision boards can be made for any type of inspiration you are looking for. By unlocking themes, color schemes, and hopes, you are releasing a creative energy that can bring you clarity and calm. Find all those old magazines, pictures, and boxes of keepsakes that have been sitting around collecting dust. Play music or find a peaceful area to look through and find images that reflect what you want to feel for your wedding, event, or future goal. Collect pieces that represent these thoughts and start to arrange them on a large piece of paper and cardboard.

Create a Wedding (or Any!) Vision Board

Finding how different images look together is how you start to reveal the overall aesthetic. In the end, you’ll be able to visualize your inspiration as a whole! This is a great technique to find an inner “zen” while creating a unique piece of art. If you make one, feel free to share and tag us @destinyeventsnc on Instagram.

Create a Wedding (or Any!) Vision Board
create a wedding (or any!) vision board

April 22, 2020

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