DIY Wedding Projects

Remember that Pinterest project you saw but never thought you would have time to try out? Well, now is definitely a good time to practice or try something new! There are so many great YouTube videos and webinars being posted every day with creatives and professionals sharing their projects at home.

Many décor and craft stores are still offering delivery or curb-side pickup. Some of our favorite projects that you will thank yourself for learning are calligraphy and sign making. You can also make a custom guest book that will always remind you of this time you have spent supporting each other. Another great way to utilize this down time is to pick out the items for your wedding party gifts. Don’t miss our past blog here for inspiration.

Hop on Pinterest and check out some DIY Wedding projects. Get inspired and use this time to be creative and inspired. This is the best time to practice something new!

DIY wedding projects

April 15, 2020

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