What is the difference between organizing my wedding myself and hiring a Wedding Planner?

Why should I pay someone to organize my wedding? What guarantees me that everything will go on as planned and smooth?

Looks like I read your mind. Wedding organizing is not an easy feat. It is a project where the maximum requirement is to realize your dreams as a couple, avoiding setbacks and adversities.

No one would like their wedding to be a flop or be affected by inadequate planning failures. Therefore, do not underestimate the idea of having a wedding planner.

I would like you to be aware of the advantages of hiring a Wedding Planner.

Here I have 7 Advantages of hiring a Wedding Planner:


Wedding Planners are a source of unlimited creativity and we are constantly on the lookout for new trends, suppliers and ideas to offer you to create a different wedding while adapting to your wishes.

My work, for example, encompasses many styles and I am up to date with virtually all trends. The style is totally personalized and to your liking. I will advise you and give you fresh ideas for your chosen theme.

I provide solutions for what you want to accomplish. Therefore, I always say that I do not have an immovable style, but that I adapt.

“Remember that the limit is your imagination!”


One of the direct benefits of hiring a Wedding Planner is to try to obtain better prices than those offered in the market if the couple sets out to organize their wedding independently.

We try to get affordable prices that fit your budget through negotiation with our list of wedding providers or partners.

As wedding planners, we constantly strive to create ties with new suppliers and generate relationships that allow us to offer more attractive prices than if you did it on your own, by contacting the supplier directly.

To give you a pretty clear idea of the differences, this is like buying wholesale or retail. Being Wedding Planners, we can try to get a somewhat more advantageous price type. 

As a couple trying to find things on their own will find prices to the public, while if you hire a Wedding Planner with resources and good negotiation skills, you will be at more attractive prices.


If you hire a Wedding Planner for your wedding, you can be absolutely certain that you hire a super-organized person who manages to keep everything under control. Even the last detail will be planned!

The wedding day is a special day full of emotions, in which it is not worth worrying about small things: the florist who is late, the wedding cake that is not well preserved, the color of the tablecloths is not what we had agreed. To avoid all that, precisely, there is the figure of the Wedding Planner.

The Wedding Planner ensures that every detail is in perfect condition and everything goes according to plan.

As a wedding professional, I love to take care of every last detail and I am an absolute fan of a job well done. I am a perfectionist to unsuspected limits. Let yourself be taken care of and allow me to organize your wedding. You will live the best day of your life.


Trusting the experience of a professional who organizes weddings frequently, will allow you to get the most out of your wedding as well as offer you alternatives and a thousand and one different ideas.

After participating in a good number of weddings, I have a wide diversity of ideas to offer to organize your wedding.

I have a wide diversity of ideas to offer to organize your wedding. If you are not sure what the theme of your wedding is: how to take it to another level, or what flowers, wedding dress, and music you should choose, you can count on my help as a Wedding Planner. 

As a wedding planner, I have faced all kinds of challenges.

I love to work with happy, daring and capable brides to enjoy and break the wedding stereotypes. No matter how difficult the challenge is, I love the challenges.

Also, being part of your day is a huge privilege for me. It is clear that it makes me grow as a person and as a professional


Have you thought about the amount of time spent designing, planning, and coordinating a wedding? 

Start adding the number of visits to those venues that you’ll love to perform the ceremony and the reception, the number of vendor calls, the hours of discussion with your sweetheart and family to place that chocolate fountain that you fancy so much, the dress fittings until you find that ideal dress and keep adding.

Why not delegate some important tasks to a Wedding Planner? Relying on a professional who knows what he/she does will save you time and dedicate it exclusively to you, your partner and whatever you want.

You do not have to delegate each and every one of the parties that make up a wedding; you might already have things planned. No matter. You can ask a wedding planner to lend you a hand with what you cannot coordinate due to lack of time, desire or whatever.


What happens when unwanted stress and unforeseen situations begin to occur in the middle of a wedding?

When you organize your wedding without the help of a suitable professional, you can face the worst day of your life. The day of your dreams can suddenly become your worst nightmare.

Hiring a Wedding Planner will avoid situations like the ones that just went through your head and ensure that you end your wedding day with a smile from ear to ear and a story to remember the rest of your life.

As a professional wedding planner, I not only organize the best day of your life, but I make sure that the link comes to fruition, without worrying about you or your partner.

“We all want the day to go on wheels and you don’t have to worry about anything at all.”

It is about creating all kinds of plans B, C, D, E, F … and if necessary, Z, to avoid the avoidable and prevent any unforeseen events in time. We all want the day to go on wheels and you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Trust your day in a Wedding Planner .


There are bridal market websites where many of the existing suppliers are listed, you may yet to realize how complicated it is to coordinate and locate various wedding providers?

 It is difficult to choose or compare without having knowledge of this sector and have the absolute certainty that what is searched and chosen is what will be offered in reality.

A wedding planner has a list of trusted providers that reflect what your demand is. And when you hire their services, you benefit from the relationship previously created between them.

I can offer you trustworthy options and providers of the highest quality and with which I normally work. You can rest with the knowledge that what suppliers are showing will correspond a hundred percent to reality.


Hiring a Wedding Planner is synonymous with a job well done, unlimited creativity, dramas under control, affordable prices, all in one, experience in the field, mega-ultra-hyper-care details, variety and alternatives, optimization of your time, understanding and zero risk.

If you want me to be part of that world and help you plan the most wonderful day of your lives, you can contact me.

August 11, 2019

  1. Article is Good and Useful Information.
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  2. Thanks for sharing such an amazing blog. Keep up the good work and keep sharing.

  3. I love that you mentioned that hiring a wedding planner would help me save time since I wouldn’t have to delegate wedding tasks to various parties. My boyfriend recently proposed to me abroad. We plan to have a destination wedding by the end of the year, so it would be beneficial to hire a wedding planner soon. Thanks!

    • Sherrissa Becton says:

      Hi, thanks for reading the blog! Hiring a professional wedding planner is very beneficial. You mention that you are newly engaged and that you are planning a destination wedding, I would love to speak with you to see where you are in the planning process. Take care and again thanks for reading the blog.

  4. Braden Bills says:

    My daughter needs to get her wedding planned, but she’s not sure how to go about it. It makes sense that he might want to work with a wedding planner. Having a professional helping her out could save her from a lost of stress.

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